jfk black limousine

JFK Black Limousine
A black 1960 Lincoln Continental limousine from the Kennedy White House motor pool. Originally built by Hugh, this four-door bulletproof limo features a divider window, passenger air controls, power steering and brakes, and a very uncommon two-way telephone in the back seat. Much of the body has been restored, to the tune of approximately $35,000, however the interior remains in it’s original condition.

white house podium

Presidential Theatre
This stage is used for presidential lectures, speeches, and presidential historian and author signings.  Have your photo taken standing behind the president’s press podium, just like in the White House.

presidential chairs

Presidential Chairs
See exact replicas of chairs used by some of our most famous Presidents. The Lincoln chair that the president sat in the night he was assassinated in 1865 at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. President Franklin D. Rosevelt was handicapped and here, you’ll see an exact copy of his famous wheelchair. The President Franklin D. Roosevelt Museum provided great assistance in the final reproduction of this chair. Also learn about President John F. Kennedy’s back problem and you’ll understand why he loved his favorite rocking chair. So great was the pain relief this chair afforded him, in fact, that he even had another one brought aboard Air Force One, the presidential airplane.

lincoln logs

Lincoln Log
Remember playing with Lincoln Logs when you were a child? They were named Lincoln Logs because President Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin.

Using these little notched wooden log pieces, kids through the years have constructed all kinds of structures. Now, American Presidential Experience takes the fun building experience to a grand new level! Dozens of kids and adults can use the much larger Lincoln Logs we’ve assembled on a huge tree stump to build their own version of Lioncoln’s cabin.

white house podium

Presidential Bio-Panels
Learn about each president, from George Washington through Barack Obama, from these wonderful illustrative panels provided by C-SPAN, the official recorder of Senate and House proceedings and creator of specials on America’s presidents.  Did you know that President Andrew Johnson could write both right-and left-handed, at the same time? Dozens of little-known facts about each President will fascinate president will inform and fascinate you.

usa presidential busts

Presidential Talking Busts
Press buttons to hear Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, Franklin Roosevelt, and others talk about the important issues they confronted during their presidencies.