Air Force One

About the Exhibit

One of our most popular exhibits is an actual fuselage from a Boeing 707 aircraft (SAM 26000). The aircraft has been retrofitted to be a replica of the Air Force One used by Presidents Kennedy through Reagan, but is specifically outfitted to match the interior of the plane used during President Ronald Reagan’s term.

“It was under John F. Kennedy that presidential air travel officially entered the jet age. He had used the Eisenhower-era jets for trips to Canada, France, Austria and the United Kingdom. However, in October 1962, the administration purchased a C-137 Stratoliner, a modified long-range 707—Special Air Mission (SAM) 26000.” –




Presidential Quarters on Board Air Force One

This particular mock-up is of the presidential quarters of Air Force One during President Ronald Reagan’s Presidency and was discontinued and the original now hangs in the Ronald Reagan Library in California.

See how the most powerful person in the world travels, and marvel at the communications system that the president used at the time for staying in contact with military leaders and the levers of the federal government.

presidential quarters on airforce one

This section of the plane is from the nose cone to just in front of the wingspan. It includes the cockpit, gallery, first-class/VIP guest seating, and president’s lounge.

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take home a photo of yourself stepping out of Air Force One and waving to the crowd.