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One of our most popular exhibits is an actual fuselage from a Boeing 707 aircraft (SAM 26000). The aircraft has been retrofitted to be a replica of the Air Force One used by Presidents Kennedy through Reagan, but is specifically outfitted to match the interior of the plane used during President Ronald Reagan’s term.

Oval Office

This exhibit provides a tangible connection to the history and tradition of the American presidency, allowing visitors to step into a space that has been the setting for critical decisions affecting not just the United States but the entire world. Through these meticulously crafted replicas, the legacy and leadership of past presidents are honored and preserved, providing inspiration and education for future generations.

JFK Presidential Limousine

A black 1960 Lincoln Continental limousine from the Kennedy White House motor pool. Originally built by Hugh, this four-door bulletproof limo features a divider window, passenger air controls, power steering and brakes, and a very uncommon two-way telephone in the back seat. Much of the body has been restored, to the tune of approximately $35,000, however the interior remains in it’s original condition.

Over 35 Presidential Exhibits

This touring exhibition has thrilled millions of visitors, and “The” Oval Office Exhibit has appeared on both the “Today Show” and “Saturday Night Live”.

Air Force One

oval office exhibit

The Boeing 707 aircraft known as SAM 26000 holds a special place in the history of American presidential aviation as one of the most iconic Air Force One planes. Delivered in 1962 during John F. Kennedy’s presidency, SAM 26000 was the first jet specifically designed and built for use by the President of the United States, marking a significant upgrade from the propeller-driven aircraft previously used.

Oval Office

oval office exhibit

This Oval Office replica has been used as a set for such programs as “The Today Show” and “Saturday Night Live”.

JFK Presidential Limousines

jfk black limo

This iconic limousine was much more than a mode of transportation; it was a symbol of the era’s style and sophistication. With its advanced features, including a special bubble top for use during unfavorable weather conditions (which was not in use on the sunny day of November 22, 1963), a cutting-edge communication system, and luxurious interiors, the vehicle was a moving testament to the era’s innovation and elegance.

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