airforce oneAmerica Presidential Experience is a unique traveling presentation of exhibits that celebrates and brings to life the American presidency in an entertaining and educational format. Climb aboard an actual Boeing 707 fuselage replica of the Air Force One of  the Ronald Reagan presidency. Stand in the Oval Office and issue your own executive orders. Marvel at the beauty of lovely First Lady Inaugural gown replicas.

Enjoy the opportunity for official souvenir photos of yourself sitting behind the presidential desk in the Oval Office, deplaning Air Force One.

What you will see and experience:

Oval Office

In this full-size replica of the White House Oval Office, sit behind the president’s desk and sign a bill into law — we’ll capture it all for you in a souvenir photo!

Air Force One
Tour this full-scale replica of the Reagan Air Force One fuselage and take home a keepsake photo of the experience.

Lincoln Logs
Children can play with Lincoln Logs as they build a frontier village.

White House Murals

Large prints eight feet high depict the famous Blue Room, Red Room, Yellow Room and others in the White House.

John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy items

This special exhibit includes numerous items personally owned by the President and First lady.

Presidential Chairs

See replicas of three famous chairs used by President Lincoln, President John F. Kennedy, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

President Automobile

Get an up-close look at an actual presidential automobile used as a Secret Service protection automobile.

Convention Floor

Enjoy big-screen live-broadcast coverage of the 2012 National Democratic Convention at the Time-Warner Center in Charlotte.

Political Memorabilia
See rare and authentic posters, buttons, and other political memorabilia from the  American Political Collectors Association.

First Ladies’ Gowns

Marvel at this exhibition of replicas of inaugural gowns worn by the nation’s First Ladies’.

C-SPAN’S Campaign 2012 Bus
Step aboard the C-SPAN Bus brings the world of public affairs into communities nationwide. This 45-foot bus is equipped with mobile multimedia demonstration centers and TV production units that can be used as studios during live programs, such as C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal”.

White House Entertaining
See formal china and table settings from eight different administrations.

Famous Florida Machine

See one of the original controversial voting machines from the 2000 Presidential Election.

Presidential Bio Panels

Educational boards capture the life, times, and memorabilia of each president.

Talking Presidential Heads

Ask questions of select presidents and see how they answer in this great interactive exhibit.

Souvenirs and Memorabilia

Browse memorabilia from 50 diverse vendors — you’re sure to find something you just have to take home!