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It’s easy as 1,2,3 to schedule your own American Presidential Experience. It can be booked as a whole or as several self-contained exhibits.This unique traveling presentation of exhibits  celebrates and brings to life the American Presidency in an entertaining and educational format. Climb aboard an actual Boeing 707 fuselage replica of Air Force One of the Nixon presidency. Stand in the Oval Office.See lovely First Lady Inaugural gowns and much more to choose from.

Air Force One
This is an actual fuselage from a Boeing 707 aircraft. The aircraft has been retrofitted to be a replica of the Air Force One used by Presidents Kennedy through Reagan, but is specifically outfitted to the interior of President Nixon’s term. Area size is 80’ X 30’.
Area size is 80’ X 30’
Price—$3,000 per day

The Oval Office
The Oval Office replica represents the desk end of the oval, measuring approximately 29 feet wide by 16 feet deep. Appropriate appointments representing overall décor of various past Presidents accompany the exhibit.
Area Size: 20’ x 30’
Price–$1,000 per day

First Lady Gowns
We offer an assortment of nine Inaugural Gowns from various First Ladies throughout American history. Our gowns are custom made replicas, and can be positioned on risers for easy viewing or scattered throughout exhibits in glass upright cases. They each come with complementing banner signage including a quote and biography for each First Lady as well as a description of the gown represented.
Area size: 12’ x 22’ and this is a single-tiered, one-sided display or can be broken up and individually displayed around exhibit hall of area.
Price– $1,000 per day

Reagan Limousine
This 1984 Cadillac Limousine was a prototype for President Reagan’s fleet. The limo can also be a self-contained exhibit, covering an area of 15′ X 30′. This allows for full access around the limo with open doors for easy viewing. The Limo is behind stanchions and rope for the protection of the vehicle. Appropriate signage and text accompanies the display.

United State Flags
These are an historical authentic collection of more than twenty United States Flags mounted and displayed on viewing walls for maximum appreciation.

Presidential Podium
Presidential podium where you can become the President briefly by taking the Oath of Office and seeing yourself on overview monitor while capturing your photo

Additional exhibits

Florida Voting machine 

Presidential Chairs

 Large interactive voting machine

 Presidential Panels depicting the lives of each President

 Authentic Presidential Memorabilia

 Video screens showing movies about the history of Air Force One

 Video Screen showing history of First Ladies

 Political and Historical Merchandise Educational programs for Teachers and Students

 In conjunction with Scholastic Teaching students are provided with quizzes and games that them an opportunity to develop their knowledge of American history

The total area needed for the full exhibition is 6000-7000 square feet. Other specifications are listed below.
Please call Jim Warlick at 202-302-0243 for pricing and availability.

The displays at the American Presidential Fest were most notably a part of the exhibition at Democracy Plaza in Rockefeller Center during the 2004 Election.

Millions of visitors came through to see our Oval Office, Air Force One, and other displays. Even Katie Couric dropped in to the Oval Office to film an interview. Click on the photo to the right to watch Katie’s interview in the “Oval Office.”

Democracy Plaza was considered a major success and was covered in various publications. The following articles mention the role of the exhibits from the American Presidential Experience, in addition to the other displays:

Additional Show Specifications
American Presidential Experience:

  • Transportation for exhibits
  • All exhibit pieces
  • Trained staff & docents
  • All video & audio equipment
  • Brochures
  • Interview availability


  • Building space, tent or overhead cover
  • Power and lights
  • Parking
  • 24 hour security
  • Crowd control
  • Dark blue carpet
  • 9’ curtains on all sides
  • 4 tow motor lifts for plane
  • 16’ x 16’ open entrance

SET-UP & TEAR-DOWN: (time necessary) 48 hours setup & 24 hour removal